Legacy Blog 2: If we say that =( + ice cream = =), then =) – =( is clearly ice cream

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Truth may be more than what we can understand. I reason this by the fact that no human knows the absolute truth about anything, and also from my theory that there are three dimensions of truth that weigh down the rest of space-time. Looking at all of space-time as a shell, our three dimensions (sort of four) make up our standard Universe. The fourth, of course, is the first dimension of time. It is linear. The fifth and sixth are what I call the two dimensions of “dreams.” “Dreams” are the surreal objects that surround every living and non-living thing. The seventh is the second dimension of time, where time bends and folds can be measured. The eighth is the third dimension of time. Volumes of time illustrate the viscosity of the time in a particular area. Time is fairly fluid where we are right now. Anyway, that’s small change. The three dimensions of truth are really hard to understand. I’m not sure if life even exists in them. If it did, then some beings would control truth, which is not cool. Please, if you know anything about the three dimensions of truth, inform me.