Legacy Blog 4: 1/0 = u. It has been defined.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello, kids! I just had a cappuccino and now I am hyper and desire to write in my blog. What thoughts are brewing in my head? Today I proved the square root of the simplest infinite number, omega, times itself is indeed omega, which is good. I like math. It’s like a neato language. It expresses so much with so few symbols that I find it much more favorable than something like English. It makes sense, too. Some English does not make sense. For instance, why do some people believe the comparative of the word fun is not funner? There is no restriction to the word funner. It is a simple, three-letter, one-syllable adjective. I guess funner only sounds wrong to some people because that’s how they’ve been brought up. With mathematics things are more concrete, which is nice in an unpredictable world like ours. To those of you who enjoy English, hey! that’s great! More power to you. I only want to express my affinity to math instead. Stay tuned for more caffeine-induced brain spasms!

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