Legacy Blog 14: A Briefing

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello dear readers! I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who still use your MySpace and still read these blogs. A special thanks is in order to my dear friend and colleague Jared E. Jones who recently re-inspired me to write these blogs after he published a tutorial on Lucid Dreaming. Without all of your comments, questions, kudos, and call-for-a-good-time phone numbers, I would not keep wrting. Unfortunately, this is not the blog you’ve been waiting for since January. (From a recent discussion with my superiors I believe the month should be renamed Janudog or FirstWinter.) It is instead a guide to prepare you for the series of blogs you can expect in the coming months.

Expect linking in my new blogs. I will make cross-references between blogs repeatedly.

Expect a special link to the Glossary in the coming blogs so that you can look up any unfamiliar terms not discussed in the current blog.

Expect the blogs to contain author-created diagrams.

Expect titles with a mix of wit and information (in contrast to the former style: just wit).

Expect that several of the coming blogs will analyse some topics we’ve only touched on in previous entries and some that are recent developments from the author.

That is all. Join me soon for the first entry in the series.