Legacy Blog 21: Terrible News

Saturday, November 01, 2008


You may have wondered what ever became of Dr. Poo. I understood that he would return in September to begin his online lectures through my MySpace Blog. He told me September 4, “Don’t worry, Old Boy! I’ll return. Tell my pupils to stay open to the idea of my return! Ho ho ho!”

I’m writing to let you all know that on September 14, I received a letter from the Secretariat for Safety and Security of South Africa that read,

Dear Trusted Friend of Dr. Poo,

It is with much regret that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Jingles Montgomery Poo. At midnight of September 13, a large rhinoceros escaped from the zoo and gobbled him up. The Government of South Africa will send you 30 gallons of ice cream as our condolences.

-The Secretariat for Safety and Security

Folks, I know I’ve kept the news from you for a while. It’s been hard for me to even cope with the details of all of it myself. In fact, all summer I was waiting for his return, and after I heard the promise that he would be back, I find out about his death two weeks later. I was devastated. I really looked forward to all the things he could bring to my Blog. He was a dear friend.

It is with this terrible news that I also wish to inform you of the revival of my Blog. In the honor of Dr. Poo, my blog will tie to his ideas of theoretical phyics my ideas about the notion of selves and consciousness. I can’t promise any regular entries–I’ve got the full-time commitment of collegiate study on my shoulders. But I will say that each entry will dive into another blending of ideas that may ignite in the reader’s mind the passion for Reality that I feel.

Keep checking back, folks. I will not let Dr. Poo’s legacy die.