Legacy Blog 22: The End of One Era, The Beginning of a New

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sre dear readers,

I want to announce that this blog will no longer be used to post my ideas on physics, metaphysics, communication, or otherwise. I will likely still use it, but the time has come for me to shift my ideas to a new website. The new interface makes posting new ideas very simple. Much of the reason I didn’t update the MySpace Blog very much was because I had so many troubles with formatting my blog to be exactly how I wanted it. It may be an inconvenience for some of you loyal readers, who get updates through MySpace every time I post a new blog, and you can always subscribe to the new RSS feed on the new blog. I would still love your patronage, and I hope you’ll follow me to the new blog site. You can follow all of my recent posts by visiting the slighly easier-to-remember URL https://arthurhovinc.wordpress.com. (ahovinc is my AIM screen name.)

I’ve loved every single comment I’ve received from you, my readers, but I’ve noticed the demographics of the Web have changed. Many people who frequently used MySpace in the past use websites like Facebook and Reddit now for communication, and I feel that the move to WordPress makes my ideas accessible to a wider audience.

I will keep all of the old blogs I’ve written on the MySpace blog. I’m not sure yet what I’ll use the MySpace blog for now, but as soon as you see a post after this one, I’ve found the new purpose for it.

I’m looking forward to the future, and I hope to see you there.

Thanks for all the Kudos.