On Ideas and Actions

Hello Everyone,

I need to reclaim focus on the things that are most important to me. There are several side projects that I want to work on, but I know I will never have the time or energy to see them through. When I was younger, I had both the time and energy to write ridiculous articles about time and space and minds and all the ideas I had in my head. Now I’m a little older, and my ideas are buried under the tasks I have to carry out in school and in daily life.

I can’t keep lying to myself. I can’t keep up this blog, and I feel guilty knowing it’s online but not updated. Until I say otherwise, this blog is discontinued. You should remove it from your bookmarks or RSS feeds. You can visit this site (because it will still be around), but you should treat it like that old, forgotten book on your shelf. That’s how I’m going to think of it anyway.

I want to encourage all of you to visit my cartoon Web site Behold The Cheese instead. I plan to keep that alive.


2 thoughts on “On Ideas and Actions”

  1. Oh, hey. I’m still alive. I’m writing to let you know that Behold The Cheese is now defunct.

    So what now? Sit tight. I have a few ideas.

    Wow, my last update was almost exactly three years ago today! I wonder if three years is an appropriate duration of exile.

  2. Art here again, looking at old posts. A little over two years later and this blog is now something I’m proud of, and now it’s my only real medium for publishing.

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