March 2013 Tweet

Here be my tweet for March 2013, and not dragons. It is about appreciating silence, and not filling it in with noise. It’s a daunting challenge, because for me, my brain is a noisy, noisy thinking machine. When I don’t get a response to a message or an “ACK” to something I’ve tried to say, I create outcomes in my head for why there is silence. Maybe my breath smells or I said too much or I said too little or and so on. But it’s silly to do that, because I’ll never know why without actually receiving an “ACK”. It’s as if I pursue where a paper plane flew when I threw from the top of K2, and I don’t let the view imbue true roo.

Whoever got the John Cage reference in the tweet gets +10 points.

Love in March,

4 thoughts on “March 2013 Tweet”

  1. I don’t use the Tweet machine, but I am curious do you tweet just once a month?

    1. Only once a month, and always in the form of a haiku. I guess they are pseudo-haikus because they don’t ever mention a season.

      Pseudo-haiku => sudoku?!

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