June 2013 Tweet

This is what I wrote for a tweet in June 2013. It is about how I used to commute to work for a quarter of my non-work, non-sleep hours. I tried to fit in socializing and eating to the remaining hours, and sleep took a hit. At least with so much time in the car, I listened to a lot of music I hadn’t heard before. Some of it was great and kept me awake, some of it made my yawns louder.

I’m moving to a place much closer to work today, so I don’t have to mismanage the time I go to bed and then be tired the next day. It wasn’t mentioned (Twitter favors brevity), but I can now bike or walk to work.

There are plenty of wells for natural light in my new place. It will be quiet and comfortable. I visited it yesterday, and even though the carpets were wet from cleaning and my pants and socks absorbed this moisture, it was comfortable to be there.

Tangent: sometimes I wonder if I should be a radio personality. I think my voice sounds better than those of some of these reporters.

Getting more sleep?

What do you think?

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