25 Things on a List You Don’t Want to Miss

  1. Bacon
  2. JFK
  3. Jennifer Lawrence’s hair
  4. Hurricanes and/or typhoons
  5. Pumpkin spice latte (PSL)
  6. Tofurkey and/or turducken
  7. Sriracha
  8. Ryan Gosling
  9. Cronuts
  10. Austin, TX (ATX)
  11. Somewhere in CO, go snowboarding and enjoy a fine standard of living
  12. Detroit
  13. Facial hair
  14. You shouldn’t wear your Uggs anymore
  15. But you can wear Crocs now and be cool
  16. Flannel and/or gingham, don’t be lame in single colors or those combination long-sleeve-short-sleeve shirts
  17. At that, sleeves rolled up just so, not too loose and not high enough to provoke anxiety on others
  18. Don’t be too enthusiastic, ever; others will either get annoyed or scared or permanently label you as something
  19. iPhones or whatever the hell the coolest Android phone is, pick a side
  20. Siphon-brewed coffee, ask for it!
  21. Not being in a relationship
  22. Pretending to like coffee
  23. Pretending to like running
  24. Eating healthy only when others are looking
  25. Subversive, self-referential lists like this one written to stroke the author’s ego rather than satisfy an audience

What do you think?

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