You Won’t BELIEVE How Much These 11 Simple Things Will BLOW YOUR MIND

  1. Full beards (Aw, you can’t grow one? That’s OK, that’s why they made razors. Please don’t try to grow out your beard again if it isn’t a full beard. Really.)
  2. Not texting back
  3. Running in the street before sunrise everyday instead of after work maybe once a month
  4. Going to the gym because your body is not good enough and never will be but you’ll still take pictures of it everyday
  5. Drinking pre-workout powder drink even when you are not going to LIFT, but this is basically the same as doing speed
  6. Rolling up pants just so, but definitely not high water pants
  7. The fear of going out to cool places because you are so self-conscious about your clothes
  8. Hey, your shoes are definitely not as cool as that guy’s
  9. Hey, you are spending too much mental energy on clothing, why don’t you just read a book or something?
  10. Leaving negative reviews on Yelp gets you more compliments
  11. Backing out from what you said you would do because of your ideals