5 Reasons You Should Start Your Posts With Numbers (AMAZING)

  1. People like lists, because they make things easier to glance at than actually read. You don’t need to worry about paragraphs or the flow of argument when it is already processed for you in bullets. Let’s all be baby birds that need Mama Internet to prechew what we consume.
  2. Reading these numbered posts makes you feel like you’ve done something or learned something, when really it’s just as much a diversion as animated gifs. The only way to really improve to is to do the work. There are no shortcuts. Stop clicking.
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  4. Seriously though, the more I see these kinds of headlines the more I am going to do this kind of subversive post to criticize how insubstantial most of the buzzworthy Internet content is.
  5. Read a motherf**kin’ book.