Update on the Write-Off Haiku

I’m still going to get to 100 haiku.

If you aren’t connected with me in any other way besides this blog, it might seem strange that I was posting so many haiku. I was doing this in support of 826michigan‘s participation in the fall 2013 fundraiser The Great Write-Off. I pledged to write 100 haiku in 5 days, and I asked those I knew to sponsor me and donate cash to support 826michigan’s free tutoring and writing services. We raised a nice amount of money. I still didn’t write all the haiku I said that I would.

Between now and April 25, two weeks from now, I expect to write the remaining 22 haiku. My hope is that they aren’t forced, but are pretty good ones. I’m happy with the existing 78. They aren’t my best ever, but here what counts is quantity not quality.

This signature is not a haiku so doesn’t count,