Behold The Cheese In Retrospect, Part 4

Today we are going to consider five more classic Behold The Cheese cartoons that I drew. The five that follow are classic because they are all drawn in permanent marker, before I started using fancier pens.

Here we see an aspiring acorn looking out at some naked and jolly trees. These trees are playing volleyball, singing together, and playing on the swings. These trees also have faces, and the acorn does not. I’d aspire to have a face.


Here is a business manager who proves his loyalty to his company everyday, by not bathing. This guy knows he can get to work earlier if he just skips the shower! I can’t take credit for this joke. You can thank Patrick Star.


Next is the first cartoon to ever be used for Behold The Cheese, before it was even called Behold the Cheese. My earliest permanent marker cartoons were really quick drawings I used for my Facebook profile picture instead of my actual face. That means this cartoon was the first time I had the idea to substitute my mug with some scribbles.
The idea of this cartoon is inspired by an arcade game, whose title I can’t remember. I used to work in a bowling alley, and one of my duties was cleaning the arcade games. One game had tethered boxing gloves with motion sensors in them, and the player would hold up these gloves and flail, possibly knocking out the computer opponent. I never had the quarters I needed to play the game, so the demo video would just play on repeat. The demo video ends with the boxer character’s point of view experience of being knocked out, everything going white, sounds all reverbed, the trainer yelling, “Work it out! Work it out! C’mon! C’mon!”


Next we see a smiling bucket. Is he Mr. Bucket? Why is he smiling? Did he hear a really funny joke? Did he just finish eating his favorite meal? Lots of questions here.


Next we see an alligator who is giving a lecture on Maryland and its diverse supply of buttons. There’s even a Button City, but you’d probably drive right by it and not notice. I like that the alligator is wearing a tie, he’s a very professional lecturer.
The alt text for this cartoon on the old Behold The Cheese site apologized for using Massachusetts’s initials for Maryland. Besides, I’d rather have a Doctor of Medicine than a Master of Arts.


That is all I care to share for now.

“…Writing is not a performance but a generosity.”
Art (but the quote is from Brenda Ueland)