Announcing The South by Southeast by East 2015 Road Trip

I’m hitting the road again. (And I’m also going by my real name for the duration of dates listed in the poster below.)


Thanks to Jen Harley, I’ve got a really attractive poster for a road trip I’m taking starting tomorrow. I think the design is really appealing. The compass rose at the top perfectly complements the name I decided on for this trip. She illustrated my car, a 2009 black Pontiac Vibe GT, fully prepared for road tripping, and also decked out in stickers representing the locations I’ll stop at. I’ve got a feeling that Appalachia is going to be one of my favorite stops, so I love that she made the mountains distinctly blue, a nod to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Appropriately, the license plate has my pen name on it. My real license plate is non-meaningful characters.

I commissioned this poster as both an informative flyer for friends and family to keep up to date and a keepsake for the adventure (along with miscellany I’m bound to collect along the way). I also worked with Jen to get handbill and Facebook banner form factors (pictured below).



Up next: a discussion of the adventure map and why I’m stopping at each place.

While some of y’all are waiting to order your Apple Watch in the middle of the night, I’ll be packing.
Art (Matt Lauer)

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