Who is Arthur Hovinc?

I call myself Arthur Hovinc, and I am the writer of this blog. My name is not really Arthur Hovinc. My name is Matt Lauer. I use Arthur Hovinc as my pen name so that my work is easier to find upon searching by name, and not buried under results about a morning talk show host.

I use my Twitter account without #hashtags, and I have been tweeting in the form of a haiku since 2009. I also have a Twitter account tied to my real name (@heymattlauer), which tends to not be as poetic.

Along with writing and drawing out of love, I have been paid to be an engineer and an application developer for mobile. I have a degree in electrical engineering that I don’t use. I minored in art history and I think I use those skills of observation and attention to detail more in my daily life. I am a lifelong student of life.

I like to volunteer. The nonprofit 826michigan named me Volunteer of the Month for April 2014. 826michigan highlighted my writing during a fundraiser I helped them with, and they exposed my name’s duality. I commit my Saturdays to dressing up in goggles and a lab coat and slinging robot goods where proceeds benefit 826michigan.

Below is the only picture I want associated with my pen name. It’s a caricature of me from 2006. I don’t really look like this.

Photos - Profile - M. Lau Caricature

I learn the most from books. “Books are our grandparents.” I learned a lot about active reading from the book How to Read a Book and I’ve been applying it to remember anything I read. I love having several related texts nearby and noting each book’s perspective on a particular idea or concept. Some current favorite reads are How to Sit and How to Eat; I didn’t know how to do either one of those before.

I am committed to learning and sharing as much as I can while I’m still breathing. I want to be able to make anything, and I’m slowly learning how.

I spend a lot of time looking out windows. If a balcony or porch is available, I like to sit there and look out. I prefer cool, gray days while looking out. I’m very happy to work near a window these days, at work and at home, where my bamboo plant seems happy.

I think walking is meditating, and I prefer to go alone. I also find tranquility while running, and especially afterward while stretching. My arms are longer than my height by a few inches, so I have difficulty with hand–eye coordination. If I am wearing a costume I often forget how much room it takes up, and I knock things over accidentally.

I love driving in my car, a hatchback. I have a dream of covering most of the major interstates in this car before the engine fails, and putting a sticker of, say, I-5 on my bumper upon driving every mile of it. Sometimes I drive to get away from it all. Sometimes I hang out in my car when it’s parked, or sleep there when I can’t afford a hotel room.

I love food.

What do you think?

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