Art’s Interests

I’ve given up on trying to categorize, justify, or understand why I like the things I like. I think it takes away from liking something to explain why you like it, kind of like how explaining a joke ruins it. (This unplanned depreciation is called the Introspection Illusion.) My interests are below in an unplanned order.

  1. Coming up with band names
  2. Ducks
  3. Shadow of the Colossus
  4. Limbo (the video game)
  5. Robots
  6. Douglas Hofstadter’s books
  7. The book If You Want to Write
  8. Kristin Hersh and her bands
  9. Fiona Apple
  10. “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel, and an old keyboard that would play the song in every one of its digital instruments, even machine gun
  11. Giraffes
  12. Keyboards in R&B songs
  13. Rhodes piano
  14. The part in a song where the cello gets loud for a few seconds, where it’s usually very sad (consider “A Boy Like That/I Have A Love” from West Side Story)
  15. Walking until my hips hurt and my feet blister
  16. Running until I can’t, sometimes accidentally a half marathon, sometimes purposefully a marathon
  17. Haiku
  18. The Nostalgia of the Infinite, a painting by Giorgio de Chirico
  19. ICO (the video game), but I still need to play it
  20. Spyro The Dragon, and its outstanding soundtrack
  21. The chemistry of philosophized colors
  22. Making lists (like this one)
  23. Self-reference (like above)
  24. My friends’ rapping styles
  25. Fretless bass
  26. Writing quickly into a journal
  27. Water
  28. Floating on top of a body of water looking up at the sky even though my bone-dense legs sink
  29. Reuben sandwiches made vegetarian
  30. Sisu
  31. The idea of passing something down for generations and the high quality of that thing to make it happen
  32. Sonnets
  33. Receiving a handmade card
  34. Pokémon
  35. Overcast skies at temperate temperatures, also called cool, gray days
  36. The speed of clouds
  37. Noticing the leaves softly rustle in trees
  38. Sunlight shining through and around said leaves
  39. Calamitous seascapes
  40. Abstract algebra
  41. Math as a game to play, as a juggling of concepts, not a juggling of numbers
  42. The way my head feels when I’m focused
  43. Peanut butter warmed by the toast it’s on
  44. Ryan Gosling
  45. Emma Goldman
  46. Sharon Van Etten
  47. Courtney Barnett
  48. Boards of Canada
  49. Radiohead
  50. Jazz, especially as covers of songs I like
  51. How birds are a bunch of varied, tiny dinosaurs
  52. Rivers
  53. The Dorian mode in music
  54. The city of Newport, RI
  55. TLC (the R&B group)
  56. Large bodies of water reflecting the blue sky that’s already set with the sun
  57. Vinyl records, especially ones you can’t find at just any record store and ones I learned about from my mom
  58. Repair
  59. Driving several tanks of gas straight
  60. Scandinavian design
  61. The reflection of cool, gray light on the dining table
  62. The reflection of cool, gray light on hot, dark coffee
  63. What my parents and grandparents did when they were my age
  64. Spiders
  65. How no one knows what a dollar or other unit of currency really looks like, because their representative notes and coins are only “worth” said unit and not actually that unit
  66. Driving at 45 mph, especially over bridges
  67. Colorful rocks
  68. Chronologically adjacent albums’ different takes on the same song,  such as with Say Goodbye on Hunkpapa and The Real Ramona and Morning Bell on Kid A and Amnesiac

What do you think?

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