I Have Deleted My Twitter Account

Twitter is kind of awful, to start with. It is also a “safe space” for white supremacists and folks who are otherwise complacent with white supremacy. Why get flooded with ads and support this?

I have decided not to. Gone with it are all of my haiku. Oh well. Everything is impermanent. I will write more haiku, but they will only be on here (my blog). I’m a history eraser.

I encourage you to get off Twitter, and Facebook and Insta-something and Snap-whatever while you’re at it. You’ve got better things to read, better ways to spend your time. In 10 years none of these things will be relevant. Books still will be.

Here’s to more haiku,

What’s In A Name?

I’ve removed references to my birth name from this site. That name is tarnished. I won’t write it again.

Going forward, the only names I will use here are Arthur Hovinc, Arthur, and Art.

I’m not looking forward to interacting with anyone new for the first time, or showing them my government plastic identification for the first time, because then they will see my tarnished name and have something to say about it. I don’t want anyone to have anything to say about my name before I have something to say for myself. It’s kind of like the Michael Bolton situation from the movie Office Space, but worse for the bad name my birth name is.

I’m considering legally changing my government name to something closer to the name I’m writing with right now. I wonder if Samuel Clemens went by that name on his government identification until he died? Did most people know to call him Mark Twain? Maybe most people will call me Arthur Hovinc with enough patience and nagging.

Yours Truly,
Arthur Hovinc


New Blog Layout for Fall 2014

Heya gang,

It’s been a while. This post isn’t a big one, but it’s to let you know I’m feeling my creative spirit starting up again, and I think a new layout is fitting for this blog.

If you’re a new reader here, how about reading some of my most popular posts from the past? It’s nice for me to look at them too.

You can read about my high school love of math.

I posited about haiku that rhyme.

I wrote about the boundaries of meaning in written language.

I wrote when I was probably too tired to be coherent.

I wrote a bunch of haiku in series.


Master of My Domain, Part 2

You’re now reading Port Manteau at http://arthurhovinc.com. I dropped the “.wordpress” from the URL. It’s still hosted on WordPress, because I’m taking the path of least resistance to getting my writing out there. But now it is that much easier to get to my website—just type my name and append with “.com”!

Why the change, Art? you might ask. Well, I’m feeling rambunctious. I’m feeling like a lot of writing is going to pop up in the near future, and I want to give it the best platform it can have.

Join me, won’t you?


Master of My Domain, Part 1

I’m upset that neither portmanteau.com nor port-manteau.com is available as a domain for my blog. If you didn’t have the courage to click the links, portmanteau.com times out, and port-manteau.com sells earrings. Earrings?! What has that got to do with the word “portmanteau”? At least my use of it plays on the word “port” as if “Port Manteau” were some magical island cove, and the splitting of “port” and “manteau” is exactly the opposite of what a portmanteau is. Can you think of any other domain name delimiters that I could use to separate the words “port” and “manteau”?

I hope these sites appreciate whatever extra traffic I’m giving them by linking!


Big Changes a Comin’

You might not know where Port Manteau is on a map. I don’t think it’s possible to find it. No map can chart out this place or the conversations herein. Nevertheless, I, the author, will be moving soon, taking Port Manteau with me. Will this mean that I will reveal the location of Port Manteau? Stay tuned.


On Ideas and Actions

Hello Everyone,

I need to reclaim focus on the things that are most important to me. There are several side projects that I want to work on, but I know I will never have the time or energy to see them through. When I was younger, I had both the time and energy to write ridiculous articles about time and space and minds and all the ideas I had in my head. Now I’m a little older, and my ideas are buried under the tasks I have to carry out in school and in daily life.

I can’t keep lying to myself. I can’t keep up this blog, and I feel guilty knowing it’s online but not updated. Until I say otherwise, this blog is discontinued. You should remove it from your bookmarks or RSS feeds. You can visit this site (because it will still be around), but you should treat it like that old, forgotten book on your shelf. That’s how I’m going to think of it anyway.

I want to encourage all of you to visit my cartoon Web site Behold The Cheese instead. I plan to keep that alive.


Legacy Blog 22: The End of One Era, The Beginning of a New

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sre dear readers,

I want to announce that this blog will no longer be used to post my ideas on physics, metaphysics, communication, or otherwise. I will likely still use it, but the time has come for me to shift my ideas to a new website. The new interface makes posting new ideas very simple. Much of the reason I didn’t update the MySpace Blog very much was because I had so many troubles with formatting my blog to be exactly how I wanted it. It may be an inconvenience for some of you loyal readers, who get updates through MySpace every time I post a new blog, and you can always subscribe to the new RSS feed on the new blog. I would still love your patronage, and I hope you’ll follow me to the new blog site. You can follow all of my recent posts by visiting the slighly easier-to-remember URL https://arthurhovinc.wordpress.com. (ahovinc is my AIM screen name.)

I’ve loved every single comment I’ve received from you, my readers, but I’ve noticed the demographics of the Web have changed. Many people who frequently used MySpace in the past use websites like Facebook and Reddit now for communication, and I feel that the move to WordPress makes my ideas accessible to a wider audience.

I will keep all of the old blogs I’ve written on the MySpace blog. I’m not sure yet what I’ll use the MySpace blog for now, but as soon as you see a post after this one, I’ve found the new purpose for it.

I’m looking forward to the future, and I hope to see you there.

Thanks for all the Kudos.

Legacy Blog 21: Terrible News

Saturday, November 01, 2008


You may have wondered what ever became of Dr. Poo. I understood that he would return in September to begin his online lectures through my MySpace Blog. He told me September 4, “Don’t worry, Old Boy! I’ll return. Tell my pupils to stay open to the idea of my return! Ho ho ho!”

I’m writing to let you all know that on September 14, I received a letter from the Secretariat for Safety and Security of South Africa that read,

Dear Trusted Friend of Dr. Poo,

It is with much regret that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Jingles Montgomery Poo. At midnight of September 13, a large rhinoceros escaped from the zoo and gobbled him up. The Government of South Africa will send you 30 gallons of ice cream as our condolences.

-The Secretariat for Safety and Security

Folks, I know I’ve kept the news from you for a while. It’s been hard for me to even cope with the details of all of it myself. In fact, all summer I was waiting for his return, and after I heard the promise that he would be back, I find out about his death two weeks later. I was devastated. I really looked forward to all the things he could bring to my Blog. He was a dear friend.

It is with this terrible news that I also wish to inform you of the revival of my Blog. In the honor of Dr. Poo, my blog will tie to his ideas of theoretical phyics my ideas about the notion of selves and consciousness. I can’t promise any regular entries–I’ve got the full-time commitment of collegiate study on my shoulders. But I will say that each entry will dive into another blending of ideas that may ignite in the reader’s mind the passion for Reality that I feel.

Keep checking back, folks. I will not let Dr. Poo’s legacy die.