Legacy Blog 22: The End of One Era, The Beginning of a New

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sre dear readers,

I want to announce that this blog will no longer be used to post my ideas on physics, metaphysics, communication, or otherwise. I will likely still use it, but the time has come for me to shift my ideas to a new website. The new interface makes posting new ideas very simple. Much of the reason I didn’t update the MySpace Blog very much was because I had so many troubles with formatting my blog to be exactly how I wanted it. It may be an inconvenience for some of you loyal readers, who get updates through MySpace every time I post a new blog, and you can always subscribe to the new RSS feed on the new blog. I would still love your patronage, and I hope you’ll follow me to the new blog site. You can follow all of my recent posts by visiting the slighly easier-to-remember URL https://arthurhovinc.wordpress.com. (ahovinc is my AIM screen name.)

I’ve loved every single comment I’ve received from you, my readers, but I’ve noticed the demographics of the Web have changed. Many people who frequently used MySpace in the past use websites like Facebook and Reddit now for communication, and I feel that the move to WordPress makes my ideas accessible to a wider audience.

I will keep all of the old blogs I’ve written on the MySpace blog. I’m not sure yet what I’ll use the MySpace blog for now, but as soon as you see a post after this one, I’ve found the new purpose for it.

I’m looking forward to the future, and I hope to see you there.

Thanks for all the Kudos.

Legacy Blog 21: Terrible News

Saturday, November 01, 2008


You may have wondered what ever became of Dr. Poo. I understood that he would return in September to begin his online lectures through my MySpace Blog. He told me September 4, “Don’t worry, Old Boy! I’ll return. Tell my pupils to stay open to the idea of my return! Ho ho ho!”

I’m writing to let you all know that on September 14, I received a letter from the Secretariat for Safety and Security of South Africa that read,

Dear Trusted Friend of Dr. Poo,

It is with much regret that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Jingles Montgomery Poo. At midnight of September 13, a large rhinoceros escaped from the zoo and gobbled him up. The Government of South Africa will send you 30 gallons of ice cream as our condolences.

-The Secretariat for Safety and Security

Folks, I know I’ve kept the news from you for a while. It’s been hard for me to even cope with the details of all of it myself. In fact, all summer I was waiting for his return, and after I heard the promise that he would be back, I find out about his death two weeks later. I was devastated. I really looked forward to all the things he could bring to my Blog. He was a dear friend.

It is with this terrible news that I also wish to inform you of the revival of my Blog. In the honor of Dr. Poo, my blog will tie to his ideas of theoretical phyics my ideas about the notion of selves and consciousness. I can’t promise any regular entries–I’ve got the full-time commitment of collegiate study on my shoulders. But I will say that each entry will dive into another blending of ideas that may ignite in the reader’s mind the passion for Reality that I feel.

Keep checking back, folks. I will not let Dr. Poo’s legacy die.

Legacy Blog 18: A New Lecture

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Halloo, Halloo! I’m Dr. Poo! And I’m here to tell you that school has begun! What school, say you? Why, Dr. Poo’s Seminar of the Disection of Roger Penrose’s The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe and other readings! Not to worry! A more comprehensive look at each subject will only improve your understanding. We will begin soon with an entry on basic but fascinating properties of mathematics. Our text for this course will be The Road to Reality, and I may assign other readings, but if I can find at least samples of the books through Google Book Search, I most certainly will post the links. At the time, there is no book scan for the textbook of this course. Provided I don’t get in trouble, I will provide you with all the graphics and equations you need to see. I look forward to seeing you in class! (Remember that Dr. Poo likes apples: they are good for his colon.)

-The Mellifluous Dr. Poo

Legacy Blog 16: A x B = -B x A

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hello, gorgeous readers! To begin today’s blog, let’s start with the Mobius Strip. You can make your own! It’s easy! Take a simple strip of paper. Normally, one could fold the strip around to make a ring such that the end corners of the strip would align so:



Just twist one end to create the arrangement



and make a ring.

If my explanation makes no sense (which it normally will not), Google Mobius Strip. Some genius will make it seem like arts and crafts. In any case, you’ve just made a one-sided object, reader. Make sense? If it doesn’t try drawing a line along the Mobius Strip down the center. You will cover all of it without taking your pencil off the strip or going around an edge. Now, on to business.

I have made a wondeful discovery. It seems farfetched, but it could be the answer to many problems in physics. First, consider the Zero Dimension. How does it work? It’s an infinitisimally small point. The reader should be able to recognize a point, and that its expansion to another point creates the First Dimension. First dimensional constructs called lines can be expanded to other lines to create planes. Planes can be expanded to form volumes. Volumes can be expanded to create what we will call “shifts.” And so on. Those are all familiar concepts. Now consider going the other way from the Zero Dimension. That’s right: negative dimensions. I prefer the term “Antispace.”

Much like how negative numbers had to be accepted as the numbers that counterpated positive numbers to produce 0, we should treat Antispace as the form of spacetime that combines with traditional spacetime to produce points (The Zero Dimension). Let’s start small. Consider a line and an antiline. Say that a particle could travel either path. At this moment, the particle will collapse to nothing. Keep in mind that nothing exists. Well, that’s a nice concept, but how do antilines work? They expand on the Zero Dimension, as geometry would tell us, except they are arranged the “other” way. This is called hypersymmetry. The “other” way is clearly impossible to imagine. The reader should view the situation like the Electromagnetic Spectrum, where the are wavelengths above and below what he or she can see. Now that we’ve established antilines, we can make antiplanes, which have “another” orientation. In fact, for every traditional spacial-temporal dimension, there is a “negative” counterpart. Keep in mind this idea could (and indeed will) involve the other kinds of opposites as well, such that there can be ^-lines, <-lines, >-lines, etc. (C.. 1.) For the best physical example I can give of negative dimensions, consider what you did above with the Mobius Strip. Of course you didn’t travel into “other” space, but you still reduced the sides of the object, similar to reducing dimensionality.

As much as I hate to admit it, PrinceJonathan Pruitt may have mentioned something credible. He once asked in my class about the 2.5 dimension. Everyone laughed, especially since the idea spawned from his playing Viewtiful Joe. I, as well, thought, “Proposterous!” Today I have come to reconsider. A 2.5 dimension is simply the “bending” into the third dimension. While it is true that dimensions are dimensions and are much like integers (Ha! We can say integers now that there are negative dimensions!) in the instances where travel breaks into higher spacetime, the transitions are fractional dimensions. Imagine the 0.5 dimension for a second. Along a 1-dimensional line, we could travel two ways. In the 0.5 dimension, we could travel only one way. Never the other. This leads me to believe the Universe as we see it should be labeled 3.5-D, as we can travel through time, but in only one way.

These ideas open up the field for not only imaginary dimensions, but also ethereal dimensions. As some of you may know, ethereal numbers have the property that when multiplied by 0 they do not equal 0. The first ethereal is u (the Arabic symbol noon, if I could type it). 0 x u = 1. Let’s dive into our memory banks and pull out the old formula F = ma. Say a force of 1 N is applied to a massless object, such as a neutrino. What happens? Typically, we would say it doesn’t move, but by this classic formula, we see that it moves with an acceleration of u. This is into an ethereal dimension, mind you, and since the ethereals behave like 0 in some regards, it appears no acceleration occured.

We now have an interesting model for our Universe. It resembles a giant “cone.” Well, that is if we use only binary oppositivity, but you get the idea. At the center is the Zero Dimension, and from it frow 11 dimensions both ways (or 26, or infinite, depending on you dimensionality theories). When creation of a universe occurs, it inflates both ways. This explains why we don’t see antimatter naturally. It exists in Antispace! We have the power to artificially “oreint” matter to go the “other” way, so as to create antimatter. It is well known that matter and anitmatter obliterate each other upon contact, but what really happens is the return to the Zero Dimension.

Today, we united many new ideas with old ones to give ourselves a reasonable new idea about how our Universe works. If something puzzled you about this blog, post a confused comment or send me a message and I will explain. Until next time, thanks for reading my crazy ideas!

Legacy Blog 15: Glossary

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Here is the Glossary. All terms are in alphabetical order.


Anything with mass and volume that has a configuration of negatively-charged particles with orbiting positively-charged particles


The plane of all zeros and ethereal numbers whose projections produce all complex numbers


Any matter, energy, idea, or otherwise entity in the Multiverse


Any measure of Space-Time


Anything with mass and volume that has a configuration of positively-charged particles with orbiting negatively-charged particles


The continuum of all spatial and temporal dimensions that houses every location, event, or mixed geometry of the two

Legacy Blog 14: A Briefing

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello dear readers! I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who still use your MySpace and still read these blogs. A special thanks is in order to my dear friend and colleague Jared E. Jones who recently re-inspired me to write these blogs after he published a tutorial on Lucid Dreaming. Without all of your comments, questions, kudos, and call-for-a-good-time phone numbers, I would not keep wrting. Unfortunately, this is not the blog you’ve been waiting for since January. (From a recent discussion with my superiors I believe the month should be renamed Janudog or FirstWinter.) It is instead a guide to prepare you for the series of blogs you can expect in the coming months.

Expect linking in my new blogs. I will make cross-references between blogs repeatedly.

Expect a special link to the Glossary in the coming blogs so that you can look up any unfamiliar terms not discussed in the current blog.

Expect the blogs to contain author-created diagrams.

Expect titles with a mix of wit and information (in contrast to the former style: just wit).

Expect that several of the coming blogs will analyse some topics we’ve only touched on in previous entries and some that are recent developments from the author.

That is all. Join me soon for the first entry in the series.