Legacy Blog 6: And then on day omega, e was born…

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I must be crazy. I don’t forward chain letters. There were a few times where I have (why should I lie about that?). In general, though, I don’t. I do not see how re-transmitting a stream of data conveying oftentimes useless information will bless me. I find it harder to believe that my non-participation will damn me. I believe my life will go as it is without some internet voodoo getting in the way. People who create chains are powerful, though. They create a virus and let it infect the public. It must be a game.

On to more important business–issues that may in fact change the outcome of your life. (I have just addressed you in the second person, reader. You are likely my friend.) I may have a small grasp on the mysterious ninth dimension. This dimension is of linear truth. The ninth dimension weighs down on our three and the other five via identity. Identity is a construct of the ninth dimension. Humans find it incredibly difficult to prove why something is itself. Common sense simply tells them it is. Common sense, for this matter, may be a sense like touch and smell. It feels the weight of the ninth dimension.

Identity is immensely complicated. Questions often rise in human minds along the lines of, “Why am I me?” or even, “Who am I?” I don’t know the answers. I ask these questions frequently. In the ninth plane lie the answers. All dimensions below the ninth begin to tell how something works, why it works, where it is, etc. The ninth tells what it is. Humans believe the question, “What?” is the most trivial, when really it is much more complicated than any other question. “Lines” that form in the ninth tell what I am.

I am afraid this new train of thought has brought many more questions into my head. For instance, what are the tenth and eleventh dimensions? If “lines” in the ninth tell what things are, then what do “planes” of the tenth and “solids” of the eleventh do? Probably some crazy shit. I leave full of thoughts, and I ask that you stay tuned should I make more progress in my theories.

Legacy Blog 5: Call the Doctor When Oblivion and Infinity Drink Tea Together

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Judging by how actively I had to participate in my dream last night, it is my theory that dreams could be portals to the fifth and sixth dimensions. If you are an avid reader of my blogs, you know that I believe the fifth and sixth dimensions are “dreamspace.” The reason there are only two planes in “dreamspace” is because, put into terms we can all understand, “dreams” are like movies. “Dreams,” as I have come to name them, are slightly different from dreams. “Dreams” are real parts of the Universe (and possibly the Multiverse). Dreams are extraordinary thoughts in human heads during sleep that aren’t necessarily real. Yet because “dreams” are composed of the higher auras of all living and even non-living things, some elaborate dreams can make up “dreams.” The next time you dream actively, try to remember it. It may actually be going on somewhere in the Universe. Sweet dreams.

The king has said no

His little people are dead

Under his big shoe

Legacy Blog 4: 1/0 = u. It has been defined.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello, kids! I just had a cappuccino and now I am hyper and desire to write in my blog. What thoughts are brewing in my head? Today I proved the square root of the simplest infinite number, omega, times itself is indeed omega, which is good. I like math. It’s like a neato language. It expresses so much with so few symbols that I find it much more favorable than something like English. It makes sense, too. Some English does not make sense. For instance, why do some people believe the comparative of the word fun is not funner? There is no restriction to the word funner. It is a simple, three-letter, one-syllable adjective. I guess funner only sounds wrong to some people because that’s how they’ve been brought up. With mathematics things are more concrete, which is nice in an unpredictable world like ours. To those of you who enjoy English, hey! that’s great! More power to you. I only want to express my affinity to math instead. Stay tuned for more caffeine-induced brain spasms!

Legacy Blog 3: Why Do They Call Them Restrooms? Sometimes Pooping can Take a Lot of Work

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What will happen when I die? Unless I choose to be cremated and have my ashes scattered all over the world (which is ideal), my body will be consumed by other living things in the ground. That’s not so bad. I’m giving back to the world what it gave to me. Life. As for the “spirit” or whatever inhabits the body that lives on after one dies, I don’t know where mine will go. As I see it, my spirit will probably try to go somewhere besides Earth. Who knows? Maybe dying allows humans to enter higher space-time, as they are no longer tethered by three-dimensional limits. Maybe that’s what heaven is supposed to be, and why humans cannot see it or describe it when they live. Maybe there’s nothing after life. If that is the case, oh well. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken life for granted.

That brings me to another terrific point: the uselessness of “would have,” “could have,” and “should have.” There is no changing the past. Just as matter of three-dimensions cannot be destroyed, neither can events of four dimensions. “Would have,” “could have,” and “should have” reveal one’s uncertainty about past actions. The past may have been bad, but it is, and cannot not be (again, double negatives are fine here). I guess that is a weird way to say, “suck it up.” My statement at the end of the pervious paragraph should instead be, “I took life for granted. Oh well.”

Ferrets are unkind

The sky wants more observers

Watch out for those bears

Legacy Blog 2: If we say that =( + ice cream = =), then =) – =( is clearly ice cream

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Truth may be more than what we can understand. I reason this by the fact that no human knows the absolute truth about anything, and also from my theory that there are three dimensions of truth that weigh down the rest of space-time. Looking at all of space-time as a shell, our three dimensions (sort of four) make up our standard Universe. The fourth, of course, is the first dimension of time. It is linear. The fifth and sixth are what I call the two dimensions of “dreams.” “Dreams” are the surreal objects that surround every living and non-living thing. The seventh is the second dimension of time, where time bends and folds can be measured. The eighth is the third dimension of time. Volumes of time illustrate the viscosity of the time in a particular area. Time is fairly fluid where we are right now. Anyway, that’s small change. The three dimensions of truth are really hard to understand. I’m not sure if life even exists in them. If it did, then some beings would control truth, which is not cool. Please, if you know anything about the three dimensions of truth, inform me.

This is a Blog

Hello Hello dear readers! Dr. Poo is vacationing in South Africa over the summer to prepare for his lectures on the fascinating properties of the Universe in the fall. I haven’t written a blog in well over a year, and I thought it was the time to release some brand new ideas to you, my loyal public. Keep in mind that the ideas in this particular blog have little to do with theoretical physics and more to do with how we interpret the things we see, which will be a valuable knowledge for you all this fall. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog, stop to think about the ideas presented, and question those same ideas. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Not too long ago I met a printer named Hubert. Even though he was pretty quiet at our first encounter, I was sure that he was a good guy. Several days later, my friend Erin, companion of this printer, came to me with a problem. She needed to print out a report for her class, but Hubert had delivered what appeared to be utter hogwash. I took a good look at the gibberish Hubert spewed and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. There was no clear indication of what each of the symbols meant on its own, what each string of symbols meant together, or even which way I should read the text! I brought it home, put on my brown Henschel Deerstalker hat, bit down on my pipe, and began my investigation.

Each string of symbols had the form of Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: A string of symbolsFig. 1: A string of symbols

Since I could identify each symbol to some human use, I identified this typeset as Unicode 5.0, which includes almost every typeset language and many strange characters like the ones seen in Fig. 2.

A chart of miscellaneous symbols in Unicode 5.0Fig. 2: A chart of miscellaneous symbols in Unicode 5.0

I visited the Unicode website to see if there was any underlying meaning of these symbols (since most of them looked like the ones in Fig. 2!). You can see from the figure above that there is a sequence of numbers assigned to each symbol. I took that into consideration and mapped each sequence of numbers to English letters and proper punctuation. (I made the assumption that Hubert wanted to communicate in English since Erin’s paper was in English.) The As and Bs and Cs and so on are hexadecimal numbers, if you haven’t seen them before, and they map to 10s and 11s and 12s and so on. I tried out the scheme, and much to my dismay the only English word I could make out was “a”, which isn’t much of an English word. I tried taking all the 26s that appeared in the chart (which was part of the number key to every symbol!) to be Zs, like in the mapping 1 -> A, 2 -> B, and so on, but then it just sounded like Hubert was sleeping. I attempted every deviation from this cryptology scheme, such as 1 -> B, 2 -> C, and so on; 1 -> C, 2 -> D, and so on; and so on. It looked hopeless.

The best scheme I came up with was to ignore the 26 and assume it was just the symbol that said, “This is a character,” much like the 0x in a memory address and its contents on your computer. Memory addresses and their contents on your computer look like 0x8130 and 0x00000005, respectively, where the 0x just means, “This is a hexadecimal number.” After applying that idea and cycling through the cryptology, I finally made a significant word out of Hubert’s rant. “Anatomy”. Granted, it was in the middle of two other words that made no sense at all, but it was the best I came up with. That scheme also produced really cool sequences of letters that I don’t remember offhand, but they were something like, “Anyuuuuleoyuuuucszluop::”. I delivered it back to Erin, totally convinced Hubert was speaking just nonsense, with the exception of “anatomy”. There was nothing more I could do.

Could there be more meaning to Hubert’s message? Could I have overlooked the simple idea that there might be another decryption scheme that shows his words were just the words of Erin’s paper? Why would I assume Hubert was even trying to say anything at all, when it could have just been a huge error in his hardware?

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