March 2013 Tweet

Here be my tweet for March 2013, and not dragons. It is about appreciating silence, and not filling it in with noise. It’s a daunting challenge, because for me, my brain is a noisy, noisy thinking machine. When I don’t get a response to a message or an “ACK” to something I’ve tried to say, I create outcomes in my head for why there is silence. Maybe my breath smells or I said too much or I said too little or and so on. But it’s silly to do that, because I’ll never know why without actually receiving an “ACK”. It’s as if I pursue where a paper plane flew when I threw from the top of K2, and I don’t let the view imbue true roo.

Whoever got the John Cage reference in the tweet gets +10 points.

Love in March,

February 2013 Tweet

Here you’ll find a link to my February 2013 tweet. It is about thinking that you did something wrong, made a mess, but realizing that if you hadn’t acted you’d probably feel worse. It’s hard to say how you would feel or wouldn’t feel in another parallel universe, but maybe someday we’ll find a way to squeeze higher dimensional branes together and take a peek at ourselves in other universes. I’m going to start a copyright on LookingGlass©, the IP that allows this to happen.